Part of the Solution

What do we tell our sons about the birds and the bees? Thanks to Robin Farr and Dr. James Emmett, I just read a compelling letter from a father to his six-year-old son--about sexual violence.

I’ve considered what you and I might talk about regarding dating and sex. I know that I want you to treat girls with respect.  That, no matter what, she feels safe in your company and that whatever behaviour you engage in is something you both want.

And for the longest time that, plus a healthy dose of biological information, seemed to be good enough. But not anymore. I see now that it’s not enough to hope you don’t grow up to be a rapist. My vision for your future needs to be bigger.

I want you to grow up to be a boy who stands up when someone makes a demeaning comment about a girl. I want you to be a man who speaks up when you see sexual harassment at work. I want you to be an example of how men are supposed to treat women. That you become part of the solution to violence against women, and not sit silently by and be part of the problem.


Please read the whole letter here, and share your thoughts below.

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