Tips for Live-With Moms

About 15 years ago, my friend Bill Klatte (a marvelous psychologist and dad) helped me put together a popular document called 10 Tips for Live-Away Dads. Over the ensuing years, women often asked: "what should I do about my ex and his parenting?"   

The result is "Live-With Mom’s Tips for Supporting a Daughter’s Bond with Her Live-Away Dad." Let me know your thoughts n the comment below.

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Fatherhood.Gov: Dads & Daughters

donald_bell.jpgWhat is the power and potential of father-daughter relationships?

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse asked me, and I'm pleased to note that they posted my thoughts this week:

Please share your own thoughts below. And, I invite you to hear many other dad and stepdad perspectives in my book Dads & Daughters: How to Inspire, Support, and Understand Your Daughter.  

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Imperfect; Day In, Day Out

Parenting/Stepparenting, Fathering/Stepfathering means (IMHO) doing our best as a way of life, not as an excuse.

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Recovery Warrior

Dads and Stepdads have enormous power and potential in their daughters' lives. One often overlooked area where we use this influence? When a daughter struggles to recover from a mental illness.

In this Recovery Warriors podcast, host Jessica Raymond explores this topic with me.

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83 Years of Dad-Daughter Inspiration

The world is filled with inspirational stories of dads and daughters. We heard another one today during the swearing in of the new United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. She spoke with well-earned love and respect for Rev. Lorenzo Lynch, Sr., a pastor who, in the 1960s opened his church’s basement to civil rights leaders and students who organized lunch counter sit-ins in North Carolina.

Take a look:

Dad and Daughter

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