When New Dads go Home from Work

When you come home from work, resist the temptation to show your baby how cool and exciting you are. But you don’t have to regain her affection and admiration every day.

Don’t cram a day’s worth of father-baby activity into the time between your arrival home and putting her down for the night.

Your enthusiasm is understandable, especially if you build up substantial “baby time” anticipation during all those hours at work.

After all, will anything your boss ever says be more exciting than hearing your daughter say a new word?

Make sure you establish some quiet get-acquainted time when you first get home. Eight or ten hours is an eternity to a six-month old, so snuggle your way back into her world, and then move on to the higher energy activity.

Remember to ease back off again near bedtime. It’s good to stimulate your baby, but allow time for her to wind down, so she’s not too wound up to go to sleep.

Adapted from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a New Dad by Joe Kelly, © 2013, Alpha Books and used by permission.

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