Children's Book Week

This is Children's Book Week--a perfect time to get and read a book with your daughter.

Established in 1919, Children's Book Week claims to be the longest-running literacy initiative in the country. 

Each year, books for young people and the joy of reading are celebrated for a full week with author and illustrator appearances, storytelling, parties, and other book-related events at schools, libraries, bookstores, museums, and homes across the US.  (It was the brainchild of the American Booksellers Association, American Library Association and Boy Scouts of America.)

So look for an author appearance, book party or other event this week.  And make sure to take a couple of trips to the library with your daughter or stepdaughter. (which donates a book for every book purchased) also suggests these ideas:

  • Pick out one of your (or one of your parents’) favorite books from childhood and introduce it to your kid at bedtime
  • Write your own children’s book to read to your kids.  Have them also write their own to read to you, too
  • Pick out 5 books from your own collection, the library’s used book sale shelf, or a book store, to donate to literacy campaigns in your community and/or throughout the world

And always remember the life-changing potential of a book.

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