Dads Back to School Tip #7

Celebrate success. We dads sometimes tend to focus more on what’s not going right than we do on what is going well. Be sure to let her know how proud you are of her talents and accomplishments—even if they are not readily recognized by others.

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Dads Back to School Tip #6

Walk a mile in her shoes. Try to imagine what she’s experiencing and what it means to her. Your understanding and empathy can help her make it through her own trials.

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Dads Back to School Tip #5

Let her cope and experiment. School can be a great place for her to learn important personal and interpersonal skills which will serve her later in life. Don’t rush in to solve every problem – listen. But never back down where her personal safety is concerned.

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Dads Back to School Tip #4

Nurture your special father- daughter bond. Go out for ice cream, go swimming, shoot hoops, or do something you know she loves. The beginning of school is a great time to begin a new tradition. How about a lunch date the last Saturday of every month?

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Dads Back to School Tip #3

Set the stage. Ask your daughter what a successful school year would look like for her—friends, sports, activities, dating—and then have her tell you about how important each goal is to her and if she thinks each one is realistic.  It’s OK to discuss your expectations regarding grades, but remember the important lessons learned outside the classroom and all the pressures which face our kids today.

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