Mobilizing Men Workshop: Concord, CA


Join me at a workshop for professionals titled: "Mobilizing Men: How to Reach, Motivate and Utilize Men in Families." I'll be teaching as part of the Casa Serena Eating Disorders Education and Scholarship Fundraiser this coming Friday, April 11 in Concord, CA

We'll address these questions: 

Can the involvement of men in a client or patient’s family improve outcomes?  Can it make you more efficient as a helping professional?  (spoiler alert: I answer both with "Yes.") 

Men in families are untapped natural resources, regardless of our clients’ ages.  Yet our culture’s expectations for male family members remain ridiculously low, even as male loved ones have more freedom than ever to be involved in family life.  The Mobilizing Men training gives professionals and institutions concrete strategies to reduce and overcome the barriers that inhibit the healthy involvement of male loved ones (MLOs) in our patients’ or clients’ treatment—improving the patients’ well-being, and our own professional effectiveness.

After completing the Mobilizing Men training, participants:

  • Have data supporting the value of engaging and mobilizing men in families
  • Understand the intentional and unintentional barriers that inhibit healthy MLO involvement, resulting from:
  • Masculinities acculturation (i.e., how our culture raises boys)
  • Habits reinforced by professional training and practice
  • Know how to use effective strategies to engage men in families
  • Grasp specific ways that participation by male loved ones can improve individual outcomes and institutional efficiency
  • Have practical methods to involve MLOs who live at a distance from the client

This training uses participant interaction, case studies, research data, role-playing, brainstorming, video clips, stories, humor, and motivation.

Date: Friday, April 11th

Time: 12:00-2:00

Location: Casa Serena Eating Disorders Program
1868 Clayton Road, Suite 123
Concord, CA  94520

CEU: 2

Lunch: Provided

Cost: $35.00


Look forward to seeing you there!

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