What Our Daughters See

healthy_media_commission_logo.JPGLed by the Girls Scouts Research Institute, a coalition called the "Healthy MEdia Commission" is trying to convince media creators to improve their portrayals of girls. 

The progress has been far less than our daughters need.

However, the Healthy MEdia Commission has  a short, research-based, and excellent distillation of the goal:

  • Healthy body images
  • Active and diverse female characters
  • Equal and healthy relationships
  • Greater numbers of female characters


While the document is aimed at people who create children's media, I think it's a very good guideline for us and our daughters at home. What are we doing to ensure that most (if not all) of the media our daughters consume lives up to the Healthy MEdia Commission aspirations?

Thousands of women (and a few men, like Micheal KeischnickSut Jhally, and myself) have advocated for years in this cause. 

Are we talking--and listening--with our daughters and stepdaughters about the media they see and hear? And are we offering them large quantities of non-media activities (like walking, physical play, conversation, etc.)?

Print out the report and use it as food for thought for yourself--and one way to start a conversation with your daughter or stepdaughter.

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