Don't Photoshop the Truth

truthinads.JPGPlease join my colleagues at Brave Girls Alliance to improve media back in a new way: urging the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to regulate the use of false and deceptive "Photoshopping" of people in ads. 

#TruthInAds  Two parents, Seth and Eva Matlins, began the effort almost 3 years ago, inspired by their five-year-old daughter.  Seth, a former Hollywood marketing executive, said, "If the boldfaced lies these images tell were words, regulatory action against them would have been taken long ago. We didn't see anything happening officially to prevent such false and deceptive ads and we wanted to change that.

They've worked hard with two Congresswomen, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Lois Capps (D-CA), to draft and introduce  new legislation (HR 4341) that directs the Federal Trade Commission to develop a plan for how it will respond to deceptive photoshopping of people in ads. They joined BGA and asked for our support early in 2014 and we enthusiastically agreed to help build public support for this desperately needed change.

That's why we're asking for your help now and in the coming months. This may be a long campaign, but the more people who get involved at the beginning, the quicker we can get the result we all want.

What We Need From You

  • Become an Ally of #TruthInAds now with a 30 second sign-on

  • Then invite and encourage your friends and organizations to Become an Ally.

  • See and share (tweets, blogs, FB, etc.) the latest news on the campaign. Our game plan will be there April 7th. 

  • Comment on the BGA blog to share your brainstorms on how we can win this together for girls and boys everywhere.

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