Taking Our Kids to Work

TODSTW14.jpgFor the 21st year in a row, workplaces across the country celebrate Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day on Thursday, April 24. 

I’m proud to serve on the TODSTW Foundation's national advisory board, and love this year’s theme: Plant a Seed, Grow a Future, which emphasizes the ever-changing nature of the participants as well as the time in which we live.

If your workplace doesn't already have plans for the day, it's not too late. Check out these simple steps for getting something off the ground for next month.

Administered by the national Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation and held annually on the 4th Thursday in April, the national program encourages workers to take to their workplaces their children, grandchildren, nieces, neighbors' children, and "adopted" children for the Day. From such a simple concept has grown the largest U.S. public education campaign with more than 37 million participants at over 3.5 million workplaces.

Through various activities, Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day helps girls and boys discover the power and possibilities associated with education and work by connecting what youth learn at school with the actual working world and encouraging girls and boys across the country to dream without limitations and think imaginatively about their lives, work, and their future.

They learn to dream big without the limitations of their everyday situations. "I'm working in the profession I'm in because of my attending several Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Days when I was young and kept dreaming-imagining about working and doing what I love," said a participant from several years ago. Another former participant grew up to work at the company where she participated.

Make sure you participate on Thursday April, 24!

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