Dad-Daughter Activities: It's the Law!

Hsu_whiteboard2.jpgThrough the wonders of the Internet, I came across some fun and fascinating law videos created by Silicon Valley attorney Richard Hsu and his teenage daughter, Maya at their cleverly named website:

I enjoy reading histories of US Constitutional law and really like my new "Bill of Rights" bookmark. But corporate law is Greek to me. Nevertheless, I loved these videos ... even if don't fully understand what they're about!

Take a look at this explanation of "when an agreement requires assignment in a change of control"

As the author of numerous book, I own a bit of intellectual property, so didn't want to miss this lesson on "IP assets in mergers and acquisitions." 

Consider this a call to lawyers everywhere: round up your daughter, so she, too, can help the rest of us understand what you do!

Thanks, Maya and Richard.

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