Talk, Listen, & Learn

Given how little practice most dads seem to have, many incredible things gush out when they let loose and start talking to me: insight, humor, affection, understanding, and deep commitment to their children--even in the toughest circumstances.

What they had to say could easily fill several encyclopedias. We really do have wisdom to share with each other about real issues we face every day.

If fathering is so important to dads, why do many of us still hesitate to share our experience, successes, and worries with other fathers? Why do we keep something this significant so hidden and silent? It’s not as though the other dads we know have nothing to offer. Even the newest rookie dads have knowledge and inspiration to share with other fathers.

As a reporter, I’ve interviewed presidents and been on network TV. But still the most amazing thing was watching my daughter’s head come out. And the second most amazing was watching her sister be born. I was just struck by how all-encompassing fatherhood was for me, and continues to be.

- Larry

Most dads can tell a story (or 10) like Larry’s. There are tons of father wisdom all around us.

New dads may not believe it, but the veteran dads you know have many experiences, doubts, feelings, joys, questions, and perspectives that are valuable for you. Even if your neighbor, stepfather, brother-in-law, co-worker, boss, or friend doesn’t have an ironclad solution to your current problem, he can provide assurance that, as a father, you’re never alone.

Adapted from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a New Dad by Joe Kelly, © 2013, Alpha Books and used by permission.

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