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Children's media activist Amy Jussel just posted her interview with me about the dilemmas facing dads, stepdads, spouses, partners, and other men who have someone in their life who is struggling with an eating disorder.

We specifically discussed the problems dads encounter when trying to shelter our daughters and stepdaughters from the dangerous "appearance-first" messages raining down on their heads--and ours.

As I’ve learned during my many years writing about father-daughter relationships, it’s not until they have a daughter that most men have the vaguest idea of how toxic all of the thin-obsessed, hyper-sexualized marketing is. It’s a deep, visceral reaction that is much harder for a man to access if he’s talking or thinking about his mother, sister, partner, or female colleague.

Read the whole interview here:

You can also learn more about my coaching for dads and other men here.

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