Sandlot Mistakes

houndahobby.JPGYes, I frequently writer about Dads and Daughters, but I just came across a blog post from Felicia Ruiz (mother of two sons) that I want to share.  Felicia touches on an essential issue for today’s parents: how we handle mistakes.

The Sandlot is one of my favorite movies for a lot of reasons. I like seeing the old cars, clothes, decor, and hearing the music. Too, I like seeing things from the kids’ point of view. Scott Small’s mom is an encouraging influence to her son, but the adventures (and misadventures) highlight how kids can problem-solve on their own. Yes, they might get into trouble, but Scott’s mom understands that it was important for him to get out there and try, even make mistakes and get into trouble. “Not a lot, but some,” she said.

I find myself reminded not to expect perfection from my kids. I know I have 2 smart boys. They can remember a lot of stuff that just surprises me, but I cannot expect them to remember everything or be able to do everything perfectly. We all have our talents and our weaknesses. After all, how many times have I forgotten the simplest thing? It’s good to forgive yourself the mistake and its essential not to make your kids feel bad for mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning process.

 Read more from Felicia Ruiz.


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