Read to Her (Part 3)

Here are 4 more tips to promote father-daughter relationships through reading:

Power down. Too much time at a screen--TV, computer, video game, cell phone, etc,--inhibits your daughter’s interest in reading, as well as her ability to read well. Turn off screens, limit screen time, and cut back on the electronic toys.

Simple toys (like blocks, crayons, or the cardboard boxes other toys come in) stimulate creative play, social and mental development, and lay a good foundation for reading.

Make time to read yourself. A big chunk of our fatherly influence comes from the example we set for our daughters. Get into reading yourself, and be eclectic—comic books are OK for you, too! Your enjoyment is infectious and triggers her interest.

Show her books. Pictures in a book (or the actual world outside) are far more effective for a toddler’s brain development than any video or TV show. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a total ban on screen time for children under 2, because it can disrupt healthy brain development. On the other hand, looking at picture books together and reading to her are just about the best things you can do for her intellectual—and social—development. 

Go to the library together. Libraries have something for people of every age and background. No matter how old she is, you can help turn her on to the joys of wondering the stacks and discovering hidden treasures of books around every corner.

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