Read to Her (Part 2)

Dad-Daughter reading is fun, develops key skills, and creates good bonding time.  Here are three simple tips:

Be patient. If you’ve ever tried to learn a new language as an adult, you understand how incredible it is for a pre-schooler to learn to speak and read her own language. It takes time! Play with letters together, help her learn them and manipulate them. Most kids learn to read at their own pace with encouragement and exposure to letters and books.

Be eclectic. It’s OK for teenagers to still like “Goodnight Moon” while simultaneously being passionate about anime comic books, Jane Austin and Albert Einstein. Reading is reading, so encourage it all.

Be curious. Ask your daughter about what she’s reading, and be willing to answer her questions about what you’re reading (or anything else). Encourage her to ask questions about what a book says—and to use that critical thinking and curiosity in the rest of her life.

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