Quick Kicks: Dads & Daughters 14 and Up

St._Anns_Team.JPGDads and stepdads sometimes struggle to come up with activities that they can do with their daughters...especially once those daughters are teenagers. 

"Quick Kicks" is my name for a list of father-daughter activity ideas that a Pop (father, dad, padre, daddio) can pull out any time. They don’t require a lot of preparation or explanation. But if you’re stumped for ideas of what to do today, this quick list can get your started!

Be sure to share you own dad-tested ideas in the comment section below.

The following suggestions are only starters. You have a lot more ideas inside you--be creative, loosen up, and most important have fun! She’ll love it, and so will you.


  • Snow ski.
  • Water ski.
  • Talk about the future.
  • Go to a concert together.
  • Hunt.
  • Fish.
  • Play checkers or chess.
  • Take a long hike.
  • Listen to her stories about school.
  • Explore the Internet together.
  • Just the two of you go to a restaurant once a month.
  • Go to a Fourth of July fireworks display.
  • Go to the movies together (Dad buys the popcorn).
  • Shop together for clothes, sports equipment, school supplies, books, etc.
  • Bake a pie (more challenging that cakes).
  • Plan and take a trip together.
  • Paint the house (or part of it) together.
  • Listen to her music without her noticing.


From The Dads & Daughters Togetherness Guide: 54 Fun Activities to Help Build a Great Relationship by Joe Kelly. © 2007; All Rights reserved.

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