New Dad Investments

bare_chest_sleeping.JPGFatherhood generates less conversation and attention in our society than motherhood does. That’s a bit strange when you realize that psychological and social science research over the past 30 years shows a strong correlation between healthy, responsible fathering and a child’s well-being.

The findings are compelling. If a man invests his time and attention to rearing his child, the child is more likely to show the following traits:


    • Have higher cognitive function in infancy
    • Learn to read sooner and better.
    • Develop a higher preschool IQ.
    • For girls, have higher preschool math competence and be more willing to try new things.
    • Graduate high school and attend college.
    • Be more comfortable with physicality and physical risk.
    • If female, reach puberty at a later age.
    • Be better at problem-solving.
    • Have a stronger sense of humor.
    • Cope better with stress and frustration.
    • Act out less.
    • Be more comfortable with and accepting of people who disagree with her.


Almost all psychological and social research agrees: Children benefit a lot when loving and informed fathers and/or stepfathers are actively involved in their lives.

In other words, your active engagement in your child’s life is an excellent and essential investment.

Adapted from Idiot’s Guides: Pregnancy for Dads by Joe Kelly - Publication date: Jan, 7, 2014 © Alpha Books

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