Media Marketing & the Family

Jasmine_and_dad_vert.jpgHow long each day do you spend out of sight or out of earshot of marketing messages? We and our children receive thousands of such messages each day, and radical change from previous generations.

With so much marketing all around us, it's ironically hard to notice the many ways it impacts our families.

Brain research and social science suggest that ubiquitous marketing can generate significant harm on children. But there are concrete steps parents can use to reduce the threat and protect their families.

Drawing from his years on the Campaing for Commerical Free Childhood advisory board, Joe's workshop explores the issues, including the pros and cons of social media, in-school marketing, and methods marketers use to "work around" parents. 

The session also provides practical steps that Dad, Mom, and Kids can take to strengthen the family, connect with others, stay rooted in reality, and embrace the excitement of deep human connection with our larger world.

To schedule a workshop or get more information, call 1.510.423.0553.

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