The Many-Made Father

According to the New York Times, historian David McCullough told 2009 graduates at University of Oklahoma that:

There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Never was, never will be. We are all, as were those in whose footsteps we follow, shaped by the influence and examples of countless others — parents, grandparents, friends, rivals.

And by those who wrote the music that moves us to our souls, those whose performance on stage or on the playing field took our breaths away, those who wrote the great charters which are the bedrock of our system of self-government.

And so many who, to our benefit, struggled and suffered through times of trouble and grave uncertainty. And by teachers. ... I want to stress as emphatically as I can the immeasurable importance of teachers.

I think the category of “teacher” stretches well beyond the schoolhouse doors. As Fathers Day approaches, take a minute to write down the names of some of your teachers and what they taught you about fathering.

My fathering teachers include:

  • my own dad, who taught me affection
  • my grandfather, who taught me integrity
  • authors like Leonard Pitts, Jr., Will Glennon and Bill Klatte, who taught me fathering skills and insights
  • my wife, who taught me what it’s like to grow up a girl (important info for a dad of daughters)
  • and most important, my children, who taught me unconditional love.

How about you? Share your teachers & lessons below.

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