Parenting in a Commercial Culture

kids_unbranded.JPGRaising kids in today’s noisy, fast-paced culture can be difficult. For good or ill, modern kids are exposed to a wider world of marketing—and parts of that world are still foreign to us parents.

Fortunately the Center for a New American Dream has brand new Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture to help parents (and caregivers) protect children from intrusive and harmful advertising.

Called ”Kids Unbranded,” this guide explains how marketers target children, and provides useful tips and tools for helping to navigate the challenges of raising and educating kids in our hyper-materialistic culture

Recent polling shows that the majority of Americans (across the political spectrum) favor limits on advertising aimed at children. A longtime leader on marketing’s impact on families, Center for a New American Dream is harnessing this support by raising the visibility of the issue and providing tools, resources, and advocacy opportunities to parents and educators.

Please check out this valuable new resource—and the great work of The Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood. I have the privilege of serving on CCFC’s advisory board.

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