Jealous or Jolly?

As much as a new dad wants to be with his new baby, he may also feel jealous or envious of her sometimes. This is normal, and not a big problem in extremely small doses.

Don’t be surprised if your partner sometimes shares those feelings; since we all like being the center of attention when we can.

As fathering authority Armin Brott says, a little bit of jealous feelings can go a long way. In the wrong direction.

It’s actually a bit childish to envy how much attention your partner (or others) dedicate to the baby, instead of to you. So look for adult solutions.

For example, if you feel the need for more time alone with your partner, take the initiative to line up child care and go out for the evening. A “poor me” approach won’t get you what you need.

As fathers, we are now the grown-ups, and we have to act like it. Be reasonable and flexible, be willing to get along without instant gratification, and take action.

Jealousy is poisonous. Poison is bad for babies...and for any long term relationship.

Adapted from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a New Dad by Joe Kelly, © 2013, Alpha Books and used by permission.

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