On My Honor: Lessons for Your Daughter

As a responsible dad and/or stepdad, you want your daughters to learn the importance of simple yet commonly overlooked values such as being a good friend, healthy living, spending time outdoors, and finding interests that will encourage personal growth.

Shannon Henry Kleiber’s book On My Honor  draws on the life story of Girl Scout Founder Juliette Gordon Low to show how Low championed female power and independence to “gave girls a voice even before they had a vote.”

On My Honor is written to help parents instill Girl Scout values (like Give to Others, Love Living Things, Take Care of Yourself, etc) in today’s technology-obsessed society.

The book;s language focuses on mothers. but try looking past this, and you’ll find good ideas for strengthening your daughter and building the bond between you and her (and her mom).

While researching the woman behind the organization, Kleiber (herself a GSUSA Troop Leader) discovered how Gordon Low’s self- motivation and infectious personality still influence today’s 3.2 million active Girl Scouts and the more than 59 million US women who were Girl Scouts during their childhood.

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