Forward Girl

With equal certainty, she opined on child slavery, delivered grade-school riddles, and created her own “ad lib” salad dressing.

She’s the 9-year-old I met this weekend at a cook-out with her family. It is such a delight to see a forward girl who is not afraid to engage with others—even newly-met adults—and to speak up with the confidence that she will be heard.

Equally gratifying was observing her father. He listened to her intently. She came to him for help with telling a riddle, and he coached her without a hint of condescension or superiority.
In other words, he took her seriously.

Ask a woman about the impact of how seriously her father or stepfather took her as a girl. And then hold those recollections while you witness a father and daughter taking each other seriously, even while having fun.

That’s one way you can experience the power and potential of healthy father-daughter relationships.

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