More Junk Food Marketing in Schools?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed new guidelines that could help limit junk food marketing in schools. It’s a laudable effort – but there’s a problem. As written, the USDA’s guidelines inadvertently open the door for increased advertising and marketing in schools -- the first time any federal agency has done so.

Our friends at the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood lay out the problem:


The USDA is urging schools only to limit junk food marketing. By attempting to set a ceiling that prohibits advertising for unhealthy foods, the USDA may set a floor that opens the floodgates for many other types of marketing in schools, setting a dangerous precedent that goes far beyond food.

Friday, CCFC filed comments urging the USDA to encourage schools to prohibit *all* types of marketing. Please read and share our comments if you believe children deserve a commercial-free education.

You can (and should) read more on CCFC's latest blog post.


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