Father Hurdles

Joe_Kelly__Jess__Noel_Khalil_web.jpgBased on conversation and correspondence with thousands of men, this presentation identifies the major hurdles fathers face when trying to be the best dads they can be.  

Fathering hurdles include:

        • Silence of the Dads
        • The Provider Predicerment
        • The Protector Predicerment
        • Father Stereotypes
        • Mom-Dad "Divides"
        • Hyper- and Pseudo-Sexalization

Valuable for dads and stepdads and for professionals who work with families, this session reveals the real nature of internal and external dilemmas that men and women must overcome to improve the health of families.

"Joe – you are excellent. Thank you for your constant efforts to empower and focus us dads to be the best that we can – and to appreciate how special this role and relationship is." - Branden


I heard Joe Kelly speak when I was in treatment for Anorexia. I was resistant walking in- due to my nonexistent relationship with my biological father but walked out with a deeper appreciation for my stepfather and for the work Joe Kelly does. Thank you. - Rosie


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