One Daughter's Love for Dad

A few years ago, a young daughter from Missouri named Jessica wrote me with a powerful story of love for her dad.

“A father’s love will never change. But you don’t know how much you love him until something happens to him. Then you’re scared and don’t know how he is.

As you try to think, the only thing running through your head is heart attack, hospital, Daddy.”

It all started out as a normal weekend.  My brother, sister-in-law and nephew were all over. Just like any other weekend, the guys were all went hiking and camping in the woods and as usual, my dad overdid himself. Later the next day, my dad pulled my mom into their room and said, “I keep getting really bad chest pains.” So my mom checked his pulse, thought he was OK, and told him to call the doctor and make an appointment. But he didn’t. Then the next weekend came and he did the same thing.

That Monday, he was on his way to work and started having stabbing chest pains, so he drove himself to the hospital. When he got there, he found out he had had three heart attacks. Luckily, they were not major ones. The next day they had to do a cardiac catheter. They found three blocked arteries. The doctors managed to clear one of them. But the next morning, his heart stopped for weight seconds.

After his heart stopped, the doctor decided to put in a pacemaker. After that, everything went fine so he got to come home the next day. That Saturday, my sister and her husband came home for the first time in four months. And for us, it was the first time we all got to meet her husband; they were both in the Army.

The weekend went great, even though my dad was laid up in bed the whole time. They got to stay until that Monday morning. Until this day, my dad is doing great even after his fourth heart attack.

Now I tell him I love him more than ever. So when you wake up in the morning, tell your dad that you love him, because you never know what will happen to him and when. And let every day with him become a new memory for you and him. So say I love you daddy every once in a while and he will be prouder of you than ever.

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