Dads & Daughters® Togetherness

DDTG_COVER_small_enough_for_blog.jpgA fun and enriching time for girls (10 and up) and their fathers or stepfathers. Participate in multiple "dad-tested" activities that help men and their daughters learn about each other, bond, and have a blast--all at the same time. These include:

      • The Top Ten List
      • Little Rock Excercise
      • She's the Coach: Friendship Bracelets
      • Way Back Days
      • DadsQ Quiz
      • The Art of Giving and Asking

"The Dads and Daughters Togetherness Guide is a terrific resource for fathers to use with their daughters. The truth is that too many fathers today struggle to connect with their daughters. Joe Kelly has given fathers the ideas and activities that can help to create a close and loving relationship, and all fathers with daughters should take advantage"  - Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC

This "father-daughter-only" session draws on activities contributed by dozens of dads to The Dads & Daughters Togetherness Guide: 54 Fun Activities to Help Build a Great Relationship.  Guaranteed fun for all!

To schedule a session or get more information, call 1.510.423.0553.

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