Books with Feeling

The fabulous Dr. Larry Cohen of Playful Parenting fame, has a new book called The Opposite of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties and Fears.

In its review, Publisher's Weekly says, "Anxiety is a full-body sport, and Cohen's main advice is not to treat it with words but with actions: 'Ten minutes of playful wrestling or pillow fighting can boost children's confidence and rebuild their feelings of connection with you, and those are huge benefits in overcoming fear.' Physicality is about living in the present, and for anxious people, the present is a powerful place of healing."

Larry is onto something special in his work, so I encourage you to check out his new book and the great resources on his website.

For your kids (about 10 and under), I recommend Dr. Sunny Im-Wang’s Happy, Sad, & Everything In Between: All About My Feelings. Lovely illustrations (by Alex McVey) accompany accessible, matter-of-fact text explaining emotions—and healthy ways to respond to them—in language kids and adults can use. While the words were too advanced for my cousins’ 4-year-old son, his parents still used the book to stimulate discussions with him. Liam’s mom says the book gave her openings for useful and necessary conversations about feelings-during time that were not emotionally charged.

Two good resources for the family that has feelings (this mean YOURS!).

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