Fathering Beyond the Norm: Are You In?

1014545_10200311526086782_1940055916_o.jpgWhat are you doing today to and for all the good dads who challenge the norms at work, at home, and in society-at-large about what it means to be a good father and what it means to create (sometimes out of whole cloth) time to fully and truly nurture children?

There are a lot of men out here acting every day in ways that are simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary—ordinary because they are actions every good parent takes; extraordinary because the picture of a father fully involved and engaged in daily child-rearing is still so far outside our conception of “normal.”

“Normal” means that men, women and our larger culture simply assume that men should (and will) occupy the traditional boxes of “provider” and “protector,” leaving it nearly impossible for most of us to even conceptualize fathers having an impact on their children beyond bringing home the bacon.

“Normal” means that women will rearrange their lives for family, but society labels a man who does that as weird, irresponsible or perverted. It takes real bravery to resist those pressures and go against this norm.

But unless we all support fathers and stepfather in this “abnormal;” approach to fathering, the next generation of young men and women will remain unable to imagine an different, better picture of what is possible in family life.

So, what are you doing today for all the good dads who challenge the norms?

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