Bed Rest

What happens if the obstetrician utters the dreaded works "Bed Rest!"your "very" pregnant partner ? She's probably not going to like it. 

After all, would you like being stuck, flat on your back, for days...or weeks...without reprieve?

Pregnancy bed rest demands a lot from an expectant father. Use all the coaching and encouragement you can to keep her horizontal! 

Here are some simple tips from my book  Idiot's Guides: Pregnancy for Dads (copyright 2014 Alpha Books).

     •    Bring meals, snacks, and drinks to her in bed.

     •    If you’re not home for some meals, prepare them ahead of time, and store them in a cooler she can reach from bed. If there’s room, put a microwave on a side table, so she can heat up food, make popcorn, etc.

     •    Have entertainment (books, computer/tablet, audio, TV) within easy reach.

     •    Arrange for visitors to come. This breaks up the day and provides good distraction.

     •    Spend lots of time with her when you’re home, since she’d likely to be spi9nning her wheels alone when you’re out.

     •    Make her health and bed rest your first priority. The baby’s health (and hers) depend on it, so put other things on the back burner for the time being.

     •    Call in reinforcements. Ask relatives and friends to take a shift, make a meal, lend a movie, etc. so that you have periodic breaks.

     •    Keep her comfortable. Arrange pillows, furniture, chairs, etc. to minimize aches, pains, and irritation.

     •    Remind her to stay in bed!

     •    Stay upbeat, especially if the bed rest drags on for days and weeks.

Yes, she may well go bat crazy—and you may be tempted to follow along. But remember the big picture: this situation is temporary and it’s helping your baby be born in the best condition possible. Someday, you’ll laugh about this (really!) and wonder if either one of you will ever get breakfast in bed again.


Adapted from Idiot's Guides: Pregnancy for Dads by Joe Kelly, copyright 2014 Alpha Books and used by permission.

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